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Notice on the Graduate Thesis Proposal of International Postgraduates in Summer 2022
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All related students:

In accordance with the Specific Regulations on the Implementation of International Students’ Degree Conferral [2015]No.5, international graduates who have obtained relevant credits and met all the requirements of the graduate curriculum can apply to graduate after three-year studies. The thesis proposal shall start in the fourth or fifth semester. In order to ensure the work of thesis proposal of international graduates, the relevant matters are notified as follows:

The content of the thesis proposal

Graduates shall write a thesis proposal before the writing of the thesis. Based on the selected theme and research, and by referring to the relevant domestic and foreign research literature and theoretical analysis, the graduates shall write the thesis proposal in no less than 3000 words. The thesis proposal shall include the following aspects:

1The source, basis, background, purpose, theoretical significance and practical application value of the theme;

2Research status and development trend, the scope and means of reference of literature;

3Academic conception, main research content, and key technology to be solved;

4Research methods, technical routes, implementation plans and feasibility analysis to be adopted;

5Required experimental means, research conditions and experimental conditions;

6Required funds, including sources of funds, expenditure budget (the name, specifications, and quantity of engineering equipment and materials shall be filled in);

7Work plan.

The composition of the thesis proposal review group

   The graduate’s thesis proposal shall be reviewed by the thesis proposal meeting. The review group should be composed of three to five faculty members of the same discipline with senior professional titles, one being the group leader (generally is the person responsible for the Master program) and one secretary, and the supervisor can be the member of the review group but not the leader. The list of members of the review group shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Sub-committee for approval.

The procedure of the thesis proposal meeting

1The postgraduates who intend to make the thesis proposal shall fill out the Master’s Thesis Proposal Review for International Students in China for SIE to make the qualification evaluation (course performance; HSK; Paper publication), and they can apply for the thesis proposal after approval;

2The members of the review group raise questions about the thesis proposal, and the graduates answer the questions;

3The review group review the thesis proposal. If the selected theme is appropriate, the arguments are sufficient and the measures are implemented, it shall be approved to enter the work of dissertation; if there are still deficiencies, the graduates shall be required to make further amendments and supplements, and the thesis proposal will be done again.

The time of the thesis proposal shall be this semester, and the specific time shall be determined by the school according to the actual situation. After finishing the proposal, each school shall fill out the Master’s Thesis Proposal Review for International Students in China at HBUT with the processes, feedbacks and results and submit it to the Academic Affairs Office of SIE with signature and stamp.

Relevant requirements

The thesis proposal shall be done publicly in the school or online. The title, time, place, graduates and supervisors of the thesis shall be posted within one week before the thesis proposal;

Graduates shall submit the summary report to the members of the review group before the thesis proposal, so as to prepare for the meeting;

Those who fail to pass the thesis proposal are allowed to repeat it within one month. If they fail it again, they may defer their application until the next year;

After the graduates pass the thesis proposal, the theme can not be changed randomly. If it has to be changed due to special circumstances, the thesis proposal shall be made again and submitted to the Graduate Student Department for the record. If the theme of the thesis is changed without permission, the school will not accept the application for thesis defense.

All schools are required to ensure timely completion in good quality in strict accordance with the relevant regulations.

The attached is the information of graduates who intend to graduate in the Summer of 2022.

It is hereby announced.

                                  School of International Education

September 23, 2021


International Graduates’ Information Sheet